DDDing architecture diagrams
Engineering Strategy - Slide Deck. Feedback neededPeople asked me if I have any slide for engineering strategy. I haven't. I'm building one. Need your feedback. What do you expect to see in a sl…

November 2022

Why it matters regardless of the company size

September 2022

Duplicate this Notion Template and start your Engineering Strategy

July 2022

and why I think it's important to distinguish it from DDD's Core Domain

June 2022

When Product Stage Evolves but Engineering doesn't
Finding materials about Engineering Strategy is hard. Why not create a place to list all the awesome materials? That’s why I started…

May 2022

Last Friday was the last day at Creditas. Retrospectives are one of the best ways that I know today for Continuous Improvement. So, here it comes a…
Legacy being Sociotechnical Systems and Decisions
Community Startup - Video Open Engineering Strategy 📹Two days ago, I started a series of posts to explain Engineering Strategies I worked on in the past. Explaining an Engineering Strategy is conte…
Goal: Prove Product Market Fit with an MVP

April 2022

Aligning expectations is crucial for the right execution